We are not an agency,
we are not a company:
our aim is just to create
the best result in every situation.
In our experiences we've seen a lot of big structures:
now we love the idea to be practical in a field in which
we forget to be artisans.

Our strenght is to choose for every project and for every clients
the best professionals we know: however every project have
just one contact person.

We can guarantee the service of an agency,
with the immediacy of a freelance.
The creatives of the collective has grown their skills
in adv & web agency, working for a lot of brands like
United Nations, Alpitour, Eden Viaggi, Alfa Romeo,
Rolling Stone, JustEat and many others.
Nicola Martini
Graphic designer by day, musician and songwriter by night: Nicola likes to think himself as a “good ideas lover”, thanks to his passion for creativity, at work as well as in life. Versatility and curiosity give him an enthusiastic approach to every situation. That’s why he is often involved in the most strategic phases of the projects: from the study of a concept to more complex ideation of communication campaign or promotional initiatives. Specialized in ADV&Marketing area, Nicola has a great attitude to teamwork and excellent interpersonal skills.
Fabio Russo
Hype Director
His name is Ossia Furbo. His nickname is Fabio Russo (just like Superman and Clark Kent). He was born in Turin, 1990, and he is a proudly native Apulian. He showed his skills painting Christmas Trees on his wall with crayons when he was just a child. Then, he graduated from Albe Steiner, in Turin. Later he started to work as a graphic designer. After more than eight years of experience, he is now a freelance Art Director, based in Turin: he cooperates with agencies and freelancers and he is a consultant for companies and startups.
Roberta De Cesare
Project Manager
Roberta, raised in the family business of silk-screen printing, is a Project Manager. She works in different educative areas and collaborates with Concita De Gregorio, a famous italian journalist, in “Cosa pensano le ragazze” project
Fulvio La Neve
Fulvio is a movies and comic strips eater and his secret dream is to become a superhero. He graduated in Communication Design and he immediately started collaborations with Turin agencies and with professionals in the field. Now he lives and works in Rome as a creative freelancer (and superhero on call).
Nicolò Ardu
He’s a real nerd, but with no nerd-glasses or loser t-shirt. He was born in Rome and he became a specialist in the field of animation, after being a youtuber. He has a passion for trends and social media.
Mario Martini
Copy & Sound Designer
During the digital revolution he went on a tour of Europe as a professional musician. His graduate thesis was on the unconventional marketing because of his interest in blending words, sounds and images in a creative mix to face the constantly evolving working life.
Giulia Soldà
In 2016, she created an emerging women’s clothing brand called Maatroom, her “order room” based in Turin. She teaches Trend at the Milan Luxury Academy. She loves black and white research and experimentation.
Dario Timpani
Contemporary Art, videomapping, experimentation: Dario deals with photography, he takes care of aesthetics and he does not overlook the contents. He has experience with corporate videos and art performances. Dario is an expert photographer and he loves vintage lens.
Alberto Mantovani
Before drones, it was Alberto. He is a pioneer of air shots and he is an eclectic and expert professional operator. Give him a video camera and he’ll move the Earth.
Emiliano Biscotti
He spent two years in Australia to explore English and himself. Back to Turin he works as a freelance photographer for some sportive newspaper. Now he lives and works in Berlin and he’s studying the best way to cook the perfect currywurst.
Riccardo Ramello
Event & PR
After seven years working in the creative industries, including an year spent in London completing a master in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (2015/16), he keeps exploring new realms of modern cultural expressions working on different projects.